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This Alternative Energy DIY Projects Blog is dedicated to those who want to solve our energy issues without government interference. We have found many ideas on the Web for DIYs (do it Yourselfers). Us do it yourselfers, are an independent breed and we don’t mind helping the next guy get away from government mandated energy cost that are imposed on some many of us. We have simple cost free in some case solutions to our Energy issue.

The  The focus of this alternative energy diy projects Blog is DIY on Solar WInd Wind HHO, and Home and Garden. So If you have any ideas, please become and an subscriber and then show me what you can provide this site in DIY ideas. I will review them and make you an author. This site has its ups and downs and lately our ranking is a bit down due to the 890 rules google has made over the last year.

Shortly we will have a Facebook page and an auto tweeter for new post being tweeted out. So come and join us at Solar Wind Water Energy SWWDIY Blog. More to Come on this home page.

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