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This Alternative Energy Projects Blog is dedicated to those who want to solve our energy issues without government interference. We have found many ideas on the Web for DIYs (do it Yourselfers). Us do it yourselfers, are an independent breed and we don’t mind helping the next guy get away from government mandated energy cost that are imposed on some many of us. We have simple cost free in some cases, solutions to our Energy issue.

HHO Diagram and my Alternative power DIY project.

HHO Diagram and my Alternative Power DIY Project.

The focus of this alternative energy projects Blog is DIY on Solar WInd Wind HHO, and Home and Garden. So If you have any ideas, please become and an subscriber and then show me what you can provide this site in DIY ideas. I have purchased an HHO kit for my Motorhome and will be writing about that here soon including videos.  I will review them and make you an author.

This site has its ups and downs lately. Our ranking is a bit down due to the 890 plus rules placed on us by search Gods over the last year. Not much fun anymore trying to make the site appeasing the search god rules. I can’t just add articles. They must be a certain way or search god condemns my site to hell. Today I am sitting in hell.

Shortly we will have a Facebook page and an auto tweeter for new post being tweeted out. So come and join us at Solar Wind Water Energy SWWDIY Blog. Find the latest in Alternative Power or renewable power to some at our Alternative Power DIY Projects Blog. We have all sorts of Alternative Power projects in this blog. I have been doing this for 3 years and alternative energy is more alternative power. Renewable energy or renewable power seems to be the politically correct term these days. For me I like to look at it as new ideas and ways to save money and I hope I am a bit like the old Polar Mechanics, Polar Science, or even the old Mother Earth. This happens to be my book on ideas I think are good. And I like to promote other peoples good ideas.

The categories we cover are these:

  • Anything in Solar Wind Water Energy DIY (do it Yourself)
  • Renewable Solar Energy in the residential solar power arena including Solar Panels, Inverters, and Batteries. Self sustaining renewable energy systems usually in both solar and wind power. The level of Solar power pros and cons is very pro in most parts of the country. Even in foggy coastal communities there is value in renewable solar power.
  • Renewable Wind Energy with a focus on residential wind turbine.We also cover the various forms of capturing wind energy like wind mills, egg beaters, and other types wind energy converting equipment. I have seen strange units of wind power conversion. On renewable wind power the pros and cons aren’t as favorable as solar. Wind is in most places, but a good strong wind of 15 mph or more and steady is hard to come by. With an inexpensive wind turbine system you can produce plenty of electricity for residential wind power day or night. The key is a good wind.
  • And an area I am focused on, is water energy or the conversion of water, HHO or Brown Gas. I am positive this may solve some immediate energy needs for us all if we can get rid of the naysayers who don’t know the science behind this process. I have invested $1000.00 into a kit that I will be writing on.
  • HHO Training Course – learn the facts. This works very well on most vehicles. Find out the facts. The course requires you signing up just click HHO Training Course and fill in popup form.

As for other water energy forms, the eco types have basically shut the door on that unless you have had a system for years. Here in Nevada the only streams we have are created in flash flood events and typically a bit difficult to harness. We have river from mountains that go and end no where, the desert. But we do know the value of water and we irrigate every plant we have. Here if you are deliberate about watering then you become desert. If you waste it, the next guy down river will have something to say.

I was in California for many years and have watched how cities squander water from mountains many miles away. The drought they are having now won’t return the water back to the local rivers. I personally feel that someday there will be a cost of removing millions of gallons of water from its source. Maybe we are beginning to see the effects of that today. This is man playing God and this could affect the outcome of California in the future. I remember the days of 5th largest economy headed for the 4th largest. Since then, its been sliding south literally and as they say. San Francisco and LA survive on stealing water from the countryside for green lawns and existence. We must as a nation strive to be self sustaining all the way down to our communities!  I am not a fan of power or water resources in one part of the world for someone far away. Distribution is very costly plus the value from the local source communities is not returned to that community. It seems that Alaska has a better resource control where all benefit.

In Nevada, we have proof that man has little to do with environmental changes. We have lakes that have been receding for a couple hundred years and some have disappeared long before man was here. I am a great believer that our world is evolving environmentally not because of man but because its the earth, the sun and other thing outside of man’s control. I am not advocating with do nothing. What I am advocating is we use our financial resources wisely. Today the pendulum has swung to where they would have us believe man is the total problem on this earth. He can be stupid, as I think California is, but man is not the total problem. We don’t need an energy Czar to rule the world as some in the UN and current US government are pushing for. What we need is an “open” debate on how we can use our current technology to benefit “US” you and I. Not this close minded crap that is occurring now. Mandated solutions only lead to angry people and insurmountable walls. We who enjoy the freedom to think is what America was about. Today, we have a great wall in America. The people who want freedom and the people who want control.

In ending, I hope this adds to what you need and value. is for the most part an alternative power DIY projects website. I will try to add an article a week to keep it current.

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