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Hi I am Danwillie blogger of this site. We are focused on Solar Wind and Water Do it Yourself Projects and Article reviews.

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There are about 60 posts here. Check the Do it Yourself Menu at the top or the post sitemap below or full site map in menu. I also cover home and garden HHO Kits Direct, and Biogas. I will find anything that can save you money in this expensive world.  For the last 2 years I have promoted Clickbank Products. Today we are going in a different direction. We are still representing some clickbank products like Salehoo a great storefront business and Affilorama, the best at marketing and marketing products like Traffic Travis and Affilotheme for WordPress. These have good presentation pages and promoted with Clickbank. My moving away from clickbank is page promotion of product. You people who visit my site and go to these product pages don’t buy. This site is still an affiliate ad site to keep it alive, but I am going to promote other products other than clickbank.


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The recommended product for this month is HHO Kits DirectEarth 4 Energy This is one of the best sites for green solutions I have ever seen. This product reduces emissions on any car. On old cars, there is a huge emissions improvement. Also the HHO Kits Direct are seeing huge mileage improvements.

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I also have a series of Articles on the same subjects, that may help you choose the correct product. Yes there are products for every subject. Below is a list of categories and products. I have picked the best one and listed them under the do it yourself menu. Each Product has a review of which I hope encourages to pick the right solution for your need. To the right is a SWWDIY SITEMAPto a complete sitemap. Below this page is a post site map.

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We have 40 + post here of popular green ideas items in our SWWDIY Renewable Energy Marketplace!

 SWWDIY Renewable Energy Marketplace

And finally, a business opportunity Sale Hoo I personally am building and HHO Kits Directand will have more info soon.